So I was sitting at a restaurant, waiting on my food and typing on my NLS EReader Humanware Braille display connected to my iPhone SE 2020. As I typed, I noticed that words I’d just been typing weren’t showing up. So I did the space with 4-5 “translate” command to force the stupid piece of jump to work correctly. I had to do that all throughout typing today and I just … I’m not as patient as I used to be. Like Android doesn’t have that problem. And it doesn’t have the problem where if I press Enter sometimes it pops up a menu, oh hey wasn’t that supposed to be fixed in 16.2? Well it happened today and I just quit. Ugh I get so tired of these bugs. I mean I know Android’s Braille support is new enough to not have had time to accumulate these kinds of bugs, but my goodness this has been there for long enough that you’d think they’d have fixed them by now. It just makes me not even want to use a phone.

Devin Prater @devinprater